Pep Talk: Write Garbage

Pep Talk: Write Garbage | Sarah Biren Writes

It is a truth universally acknowledged that writing a book is hard. It takes time, patience, blood, sweat, tears, and coffee. When the going is rough, we doubt ourselves and want to chuck our computers out the window. When the going is good, we doubt ourselves and wonder if we should chuck our computers all the same.

A good book is a balance of pretty prose, developed plots, intriguing openings, satisfying resolutions, realistic characters, and more, all swept together in a mess of ideas that are easier to imagine than actually write. And that’s where many writers get stuck.

Getting inspired is the fun part. It’s the only part of the process that involves no effort. A brilliant idea floats into your mind and bows before you with the request to be written. So you write it. At least, you start.

I have more unfinished stories than finished, and I’m sure you have too.

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Writer Talk #2: Shiny New Ideas

Hello, all. I’m back. Did you miss me during my hiatus? Did you notice I went on a hiatus? No? Well, that doesn’t matter. I’m here now.

A lot has changed since my last writer talk when I was struggling through a new draft of Lethal Shores. Mazel tov to me, since that draft is completed! I decided to take the advice of a good friend who said, “You’re too close to the story. You need to take a break and edit it with a fresh mind.”

I had resisted putting Lethal Shores aside for a while because I want to see it published. Yes, I know how impatient that sounds, but I’m also not the only one. We all begin a novel knowing it takes years to create yet we think, “I’m going to be that magical writer who finishes entire books within a few months and publishes them that year. I’ll never be the guy working on the same book for the past decades!”

We writers have to stop lying to ourselves. It isn’t healthy.


Moving on, I took my friend’s advice, and I set Lethal Shores aside. I feel good about the work I have accomplished with that book; however, it’s burning me out. It’s time to start something new.

Introducing My New Untitled Project!

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