Why You Should Write Tropes

What are Tropes?

Tropes are cliches, common themes, or trends in books.

Take the murderous butler, for example. So many detective thrillers have used ‘the butler was the killer all along’ plot twist, it has become a comedic gag. There’s also the ‘she woke up and realized it was all a dream’ cliche. As far as I know, Alice in Wonderland was the first book to do this. In my opinion, this trope is lazy storytelling; the author couldn’t think of a good ending, so he says it was all a dream. Yet this trope caught on to other stories, unfortunately.

Many writers are advised against using tropes because they are overdone and predictable. And that is correct. Do not blame the butler or wake up the protagonist at the end of the book. The reader will be disappointed in you. And I will be in disappointed you. And you don’t want that.

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Writerly Beginnings

The beginning is always hard, especially for writers. We tend to spend our days thinking about writing, and dreaming about being alone with our computers or notebooks. When we finally sit down with a cup of coffee and position our hands over the keys, we write… nothing. We stare at the cursor, willing the words to appear. The idea is clear in our minds, but we can’t describe it.

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